We Value Our People’s Well-Being

Our employees’ well-being is one of the core elements for us while operating our organization. We continuously and proactively develop and implement plans for our employees through a holistic approach to wellbeing to ensure good health in our workplace. We partner with companies, enroll our employees in their services supporting their physical and/or mental support needs.

We provide necessary insights to our leaders through Gülermak Academy ensuring that they are competent in taking an active role in workplace safety, health, and wellbeing. All of our employees have access to quality courses and content for well-being on 7/24, anytime, anywhere. 

We are aware of the importance of setting clear objectives, constructive feedback, and much more besides. Our robust organizational approach to well-being is reflected in our policies, procedures, and company communication channels openly.

We believe in the power of being united as a team. We value our people’s well-being and organize training events and get-togethers of various sizes and activities for our employees. 

We Have an Equitable Workplace 

We share our approach transparently to assure a sense of fairness on any decisions made for employees during the whole employee life-cycle. 

Enabling and empowering people to participate in our business and achieve their potential is our priority. The foundation of our Diversity and Inclusion Strategy is valuing everyone as an individual. 

We love the beautiful harmony that has been flourishing in our equal, diverse, and inclusive work environment. According to this, Gülermak Academy provides learning paths for our employees and managers on our code of workplace behaviors. We have our mechanisms to avoid any kind of unethical behaviors in our workplace by communicating to our employees through our policies and procedures presented in our office notice boards, intranet page, and Gülermak Magazine. In cooperation with the leaders, our employees actively make initiatives for a fostered sense of belonging in our company to keep it safe for all. 

We Put the Effort in Organizational Development

The cornerstone of our success is based on our continuous organizational development works. 

We continuously foster a culture of learning amongst our employees to enhance our employees’ competencies and behaviors, and to keep our organization sustainable, holistic, and positive.

With the participation and motivation of our employees, we are always ready to increase our organizational efficiency and keep up with the changes quickly.
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