We value our team.

Having adopted a holistic approach to learning, Gülermak Academy not only intends to upskill our team members but also prepares them to succeed in real performance situations by intellectual, psychosocial, and behavioral contexts of performance which lead to long-lasting gains for the desired outcomes.

Our target is to provide all Gülermak employees with opportunities for continuous learning under the Gülermak Academy name. These training activities will help you to continue improving your skills as changes related to technology and other workplace matters arise quickly and unexpectedly.

We work with our employees, under the Gülermak Academy brand to keep our values and mission alive.

Our employees grow into greater leaders by further developing their leadership skills through Gülermak Academy training programs. Within this scope; The Leaders Training Program (TFL) given under the Academy is a three-year certificate program. This training program is offered to team members at various levels who have completed their first year working at Gülermak.
We wish our people a wonderful learning journey.

For all your suggestions, queries, and requests please contact us at academy@gulermak.com

Wired to Learn, Wired to Advance 

It is a priority for us to invest in our people’s development; therefore, we support our people’s training needs regularly in response to any change in the world and bring opportunities for our team members.

Gulermak Academy is our planet Sun, lighting up most of the ways leading to our accomplishments.

Gülermak Academy; is a continuous development center reinforced with a positive learning culture in line with our organization's strategy and goals. We integrate our experience and knowledge when designing training programs. We not only teach, but we also help our employees realize their true potential.

At Gülermak Academy, we offer all our leaders and employees an easily accessible, high-quality learning experience with online, hybrid, and in-class training. We recognize and reward our employees' passion for development and learning efforts. 

Engaging Content thanks to

We believe in the power of internal training activities and always support our employees. Using our high experience and knowledge in the sector, we design internal academic training programs thanks to our internal trainers and create resources for our employees. Our internal trainers are passionate, experienced, and credible professionals who share their expertise and industry-specific knowledge and experience with employees and strengthen our organization.

Diligently Selected 

We partner with external trainers and training providers to equip our employees with a wider range of professional and individual skills. Our business partners are selected from among the best to keep our knowledge competitive and up to date.

For e-learning, we cooperate with LinkedIn Learning, for making diverse and the quality content provided available to our employees 7/24, anywhere. 


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