The Board of Gülermak is committed to achieving a seamless operation working with all employees as a single unit with unified objectives in order to provide the production and construction services that meet the needs of its employers and other stakeholders whilst providing enough resources necessary to ensure full implementation of this policy in order to meet the requirements of ISO 9001:2015.


In this context, our primary principles concerning quality are as follows;

  • We understand the requirements of our employers and other stakeholder, including statutory and regulatory requirements
  • We set our objectives above standard industry requirements
  • We believe in the value of partnership
  • Together with all our employees we share the responsibility and pride of our achievements
  • We are committed to continually monitor our processes quantitatively and measure performance achieved
  • We endeavor to increase the effectiveness and improve continuously of our quality management system based on monitored results.

The Board of Gülermak respects the responsibility of management in implementing this policy to meet the commitments, including operating in an efficient and profitable manner.

Integrated Management System Manager is appointed by the Board as a director responsible for quality to promote the policy and monitor the effectiveness of the system.

This policy is reviewed at least annually for continued sustainability and revised as often as may be appropriate.


Kemal Tahir Güleryüz



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